Cruise Tips

Cruise Tips – As Recommended by Cruisers on Cruise Critic and Atlas Cruising

  1. Book early and check for price drops often. Atlas Cruising will monitor price drops for you, but if you see a price that’s lower than what you paid, contact Atlas Cruising, and we will make sure you get the best rate available.
  2. Make sure to check in online, which will save you time at the cruise port. If you need help setting up your online profile prior to cruising, Atlas Cruising is always here to help.
  3. Meet at least one new person each day.
  4. Breakfast room service is wonderful. Don’t forget to try it. Have a couple of bucks ready for a tip.
  5. Start thinking about a ritual you want to do each time on a cruise.  If you didn’t do one on your first cruise, it’s never too late to start.
  6. Try calling the ship a boat…and see how people respond!
  7. Store suitcases under your bed (to leave more room in your closet).
  8. Don’t stress about your wardrobe (no one cares what you wear).
  9. Plan your outfits with versatility, multi-use, and easy care in mind. And when it comes to shoes (especially for daytime), comfort trumps style.
  10. Pack your bags…and then take out half of your stuff! The reality is, you never need as much as you would on a land vacation.
  11. Formal nights typically require formal wear. Most folks adhere to this policy. If you would rather not participate in formal night, you can book a specialty restaurant instead or maybe even have your formal night dinner delivered to your stateroom to be eaten in the privacy of your own balcony!
  12. Pants are almost always required in the main dining room, especially at dinner.
  13. You don’t need to pack beach towels – they are provided.
  14. Your luggage will be checked at the port and delivered to your stateroom usually before dinner the first night.
  15. Pack clothes for the first night’s dinner and a swimsuit in your carry-on — that way you don’t have to worry about when your luggage arrives in your room.
  16. Check out a cafe or specialty restaurant for your first meal on board. Most folks sprint right to the buffet, so it gets very crowded. For a more relaxing way to start your cruise, do a little research in advance (or let Atlas Cruising do it for you) and find that hidden gem of a meal right from the very start.
  17. You can order as much food as you want, in whatever combination you want, in the main dining room. If you want to order three appetizers and no main course, you can do that! Want an extra lobster tail? Go for it!
  18. Seriously consider purchasing travel insurance. If you have it and don’t need it, the peace of mind is priceless. Atlas Cruising offers an excellent insurance product.
  19. Read the daily sheet to find out what’s happening on board the next day. Each ship will give you a schedule each night for the next day. A highlighter comes in handy to keep track of what you plan to do each day. The daily sheet will also include information on the port of call, internet, shopping, or casino specials on board, the drink of the day, and other details related specifically to your cruise.
  20. Consider bringing magnets to stick the daily sheet or other info to your door. Most doors are metallic and make for great organization.
  21. Confirm that your watch is the same as the ship’s clock before getting off.
  22. If you don’t intend to use the mini-bar items or if you have small children who may get into them, ask your room steward to remove them to make room in the fridge for any drinks you carried on. You may usually carry on non-alcoholic beverages and water. Check with your cruise line or ask us at Atlas Cruising about the cruise line’s policy for carrying on your own alcohol.
  23. Don’t be self-conscious about your appearance in a bathing suit, shorts, etc. There will be all body types aboard in all types of attire.
  24. Board the ship as soon as you are able on the first day. Arrive at the pier as soon as you can – usually around 11:00 AM for a 5:00 PM sailing – you’ve paid for it, so enjoy the first day!
  25. Enjoy the romance…stars, moonbeams, sunrises, and sunsets.
  26. Some handy items to bring with you: Ziploc bags, grocery plastic bags, small scissors, Post-Its, rubber bands, duct tape, clothespins for drying clothes on your balcony, a full bottle of sunscreen for each person.
  27. A clock is not always found in the room, so make sure you have one if you need one.
  28. The bathroom may not have a fan in it either, so consider a plug in, hanging air freshener, or freshener spray.
  29. Take a million pictures. Take so many that you feel silly. You will be looking at them all the time until you have the chance to sail the sea again.
  30. Understand that you don’t have to do it all. Atlas Cruising is happy to book your next cruise for you too!
  31. For extra incentives, book your next cruise while you’re on your cruise. Once you return, Atlas Cruising will help you transfer the booking to us, and you’ll continue to get the personal service you deserve and desire.
  32. Ask questions when you’re on board, and don’t suffer in silence. Want a different table for dinner? Ask. Not sure why everyone is heading to a specific lounge? Ask. Need an extra blanket? Ask. But do so nicely.
  33. Make sure you attend the muster drill. This is mandatory and will happen on your first day. Follow the instructions given on board. This is for everyone’s safety, and its better to be safe, than sorry!
  34. Consider packing a laundry bag and hang it on a hook in the bathroom for dirty laundry.
  35. While your tips are already accounted for each day, a few extra bucks to your room steward at the start of the cruise may go a long way. Also, feel free to tip room service or any other attendant who provides service beyond the typical service. It’s never required, but always appreciated.
  36. Do something you’ve never done. Be self-indulgent. Talk to strangers. Eat dinner on your balcony. Don’t go home thinking, “I wish I had…” Do it.

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