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Prohibition Party on Allure of the Seas

Hidden gems on a cruise ship are some of the highlights of making a good cruise vacation, a great cruise vacation. From the “hump cabins” on S-class Celebrity ships, to the Ben & Jerry’s “Sweet” on the Royal Caribbean Freedom class ships, to the “Volcano” dessert off the kids menu on Princess ships, to the many more secrets cruisers love to unearth when sailing a new ship. It’s like getting a third peanut in the shell, or having two chicken nuggets stuck together that count as one, or ordering a dozen anything and finding the elusive baker’s dozen. It feels like a bonus, and you won! You want to share your secrets, but at the same time, you kind of want to keep it to yourself so the secret stays just that.

The secret I discovered in preparation for our last cruise is one that I’m happy to share, and even though its public knowledge that it exists, people still don’t really know about it. I’m talking about the Prohibition Party aboard Allure of the Seas. Until very recently, it was only available on Allure, however, it does seem to be offered on Oasis now too. Continue reading Prohibition Party on Allure of the Seas